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Welcome to the Sondervick College website. You will find lots of useful information here to help you make the best possible choice for the next step in your school career. 

Sondervick College, our school
Our school provides education for a broad range of students and caters for all academic levels. Our campus has purpose built school and sport accommodation in a rural setting on the outskirts of the village center of Veldhoven. Veldhoven is a satelleit village of Eindhoven which makes it easy to get to. Our green and spacious campus with 4 school buildings means that every student has their own home base at school. The benefits of lots of space around you combined with the safety and familiarity of having your own home-building where you’re known by staff and fellow students.

Digital awareness
In an increasingly digital world it is important to help you to find the balance beteween the digital world and the real world of the classroom and society. By using a range of teaching methods and supports our students have the opportunity to discover what works best for them. All our students use a laptop on a daily basis, either in the lesson or for homework. Depending on what the goal of the lesson is a teacher decides how best to make use of digital supports. As a school we believe in helping our students to develop a broad range of skills for their future. The laptop is used as a tool to support the learning process, learning new things and deveolping new skills remain the primary goals.

An international flavour
Our school is situated at the heart of a vibrant and multicultural surburb of Eindhoven. Eindhoven is well known for being a centre of technical, industrial en medical expertise. The high concentration of companies employing a highly skilled and academic workforce has attracted a truly international community to the area. Our school has close links to many of these companies and we actively incorporate international topics in our educational programme. We aim to help you to become a world citizen equipped with the cultural awareness and skills to make a difference at local or international level.

Getting off to a good start
As the saying goes ‘a good start is half the battle’! Starting a new school is always exciting and can be a bit scary too. We take great care in helping you to make this move and contact the primary school of all students so as to get a complete student profile. Even before the new school year starts you will have met your new classmates and mentor at an introduction before the summer holidays. The mentor is one of the teachers with the special responsibility of making sure everything goes smoothly and that you find your feet quickly. If parents or students have any questions, no matter how small, they can always contact the mentor for help.