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Sondervick International School will build its’ programme on and around the principles and educational material of the International Middle Years Curriculum “making meaning, connecting, learning and developing minds”.

The IMYC is an IB programme and as such educates and prepares the students so that they can progress to IBCP in senior cycle. Subjects and skills are taught around a central theme ‘The Big Idea’. All the familiar and obligatory subjects including History, Geography, sciences, Mathematics, modern languages, Art, Music, Physical Education and in particular Dutch language and culture will be catered for. The school week will follow the regular school timetable and be compliant with all of the mandatory regulations of the Department of Education. Students will be expected to be in school every day and will have a varied timetable with 50% of the lessons given in Dutch and 50% in English. There will also be a mix of lesson types; group work, individual work, direct instruction, independant discovery and personal development. 

Students will have the opportunity and the challenge to stretch their boundaries, to share their learning and in so doing to support, encourage and inspire each other.

Most important criteria for enrolment

The student is minimum 11 years of age, born between 28-08-2010 and 28-08-2012.

A student having attended a Dutch primary school has a vmbo-k/ vmbo-t, vmbo-t, havo or vwo advice. 

Please contact our school should there be any questions about further criteria.